About AMLcombine

Following decades of cancer drug development, standard treatment for AML only results in moderate induction CR rates and generally short survival. Most larger efforts to develop new treatments have been conducted through regional Cooperative Groups or by the pharmaceutical industry.  More recently, efforts by national cancer research associations have emerged with AACR’s “AML Dream Team,” the US N.I.H. Cancer Moonshot Panel and European Union “Harmony” Project finally starting to focus on better ways to develop treatments for patients with hematologic malignancies.

AMLcombine® recognizes that between the discovery of numerous new targets and the ongoing development of new agents, we now have the ability to create biologically rational treatment regimens that combine different targeted agents, standard chemotherapies, and drugs that alter the immune system, with the goal of stopping the progression and recurrence of this tragic disease. As an AML-research community, we are finally moving forward clinical trials which are testing dozens of promising molecularly-targeted and immunomodulatory therapies. The challenge remains to figure out ways to integrate and optimize these approaches for individual AML patients.

For success to be truly achieved, we must address treating all types of AML patients, from children to adults to the elderly. We must gain new insights by intensively evaluating the biologic impact of the combinations in the laboratory and in patients, and we must create collaborations not common between academic AML research teams and leaders in pharmaceutical research and development.

Over the last several years, we have personally encountered many AML experts who have developed exciting clinical research ideas, but were unable to move their novel approaches forward due to challenges in funding and logistical research hurdles.

It is very demanding to individually sustain such novel research ideas, which requires energetic and continuous collaboration between basic scientists, Pharma and clinical researchers. AMLcombine is poised to help, by bringing together the world’s most collaborative AML experts in biologic and translational science and clinical medicine, as well as the experts within the leading and emerging BioPharmas, to truly exploit our passion to finally eradicate AML. This “think-tank” or “mountain-top retreat” intellectual collaboration will allow creation of new ideas and observations we are seeking, resulting in “breakthrough thinking.” We will then pursue Investigator-Sponsored Trials (ISTs) which are “signal-seeking” for promising novel-novel drug combinations.

AMLcombine brings together AML-focused academic leaders in leukemia research and drug development from across the world, along with colleagues from numerous pharmaceutical companies that share the common interest in curing more patients with AML. AMLcombine provides the collaborative environment dedicated to sharing ideas and free-thinking solely for AML, to create the most-promising new research ideas which could finally result in highly-effective treatment paradigms in AML. We will focus on improving and accelerating collaborative research relationships, to minimize the logistical factors that often slow or even stifle progress in moving great ideas forward.

AMLcombine will become the focal point platform for academic and BioPharma AML researchers, away from other distractions, and where biologic, translational and clinical science are intensively and collaboratively brought together to eradicate this tragic disease though new collaborative research endeavors.

Our Mission: 

AMLcombine–Unite the world’s leading Academic and BioPharma Researchers, and facilitate collaboration, to fully exploit AML vulnerabilities and expedite meaningful therapeutic advancements.

Our Goals: 

A. Bring together a highly-select group of academic AML translational experts in genomics, proteomics, signaling, immunology and clinical research, to intensively focus on the most promising biologic susceptibilities and emerging diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic platforms with the greatest potential to transform AML into a survivable disease.

B. Break the silos of cancer R&D, by creating intensive laboratory and clinical relationships within and across global researchers in academia and industry, to drive the rapid development of promising novel-novel drug combinations in revolutionary AML treatment regimens.

C. Overcome AML through relentless research and advocacy, to finally give patients, families and caregivers the gift of more time. Please see MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS for more information on our Global Collaborative Research Group and Scientific Meetings.

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