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Patient Power EU – AML

A new site has emerged in Europe for patients and families. PatientPower EU-AML is sponsored by the UK-Registered Charity “LeukemiaCare.” The site provides disease and treatment background information, as well as practical health tips on communicating with your healthcare team, coping and well-being during and after therapy.

Cancer Council NSW (Australia)
The New South Wales Cancer Council offers a comprehensive AML website section for patients, families and caregivers, including a weekday information support call center:

“Expanded Access” Clinical Trials Programs
These unique research trials are typically designed for new (still-investigational) drugs under development or pending regulatory review and approval. These Expanded Access Trials are often established in addition to ongoing Phase I, II or III clinical studies conducted by the Sponsor Pharmaceutical companies and academic cancer centers. Expanded Access Trials are provided to bridge the time when a major Phase II or Phase III trial may be closed to new patient enrollment and for the period of time before Regulatory approval for the new drug. The information below from multiple U.S. websites is provided for your discussion with your physician.  (If you first need additional ‘general’ information on how AML research trials are conducted, please see AMLcombine ABOUT AML.)

The following website offers a searchable database of open Expanded Access Clinical Trials:

Across many diseases:

The ReaganUdall Foundation also provides extensive information on Expanded Access Clinical Trials:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provides extensive regulatory information on
the conduct of Expanded Access Clinical Trials, including a single patient investigational new drug (IND) which you could discuss with your treating physician and/or clinical trial coordinators:

There are several Expanded Access Clinical Trials for AML patients. Please visit

Note that if and when the FDA provides marketing clearance for such new drugs, the Sponsor Pharmaceutical Companies may conclude further enrollment in these Expanded Access Clinical Trials. Patients who may have already enrolled and were treated may contact the respective company, to determine if they are eligible for continuing treatment under the existing protocol or a follow-up study.

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